Barbara Crampton

Barbara Crampton is a classically trained theater actress who started on the stage in New York before eventually moving to LA, where she landed a role on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Daytime television, including iconic shows like THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS and THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, would continue to be a force throughout her career.

Crampton had a few brief roles in BODY DOUBLE (1984) and FRATERNITY VACATION (1985) before making a cult splash as Megan Halsey in Stuart Gordon’s now-midnight classic RE-ANIMATOR (1985). In fact, the film suited her so well that she re-joined her RE-ANIMATOR costar Jeffrey Combs in another Lovecraftian adaptation, FROM BEYOND, just a year later. She found somewhat of a niche in horror, appearing throughout the 80s in cult classics like CHOPPING  MALL (1986), alongside fellow Silver Scream guest Kelli Maroney, and PUPPETMASTER (1989).

Crampton took an extended break from acting to raise a family, but when she finally returned to the screen, it was horror that brought her back: Adam Wingard’s YOU’RE NEXT (2011). The second stage of her acting career has also been dominated by genre films, including WE ARE STILL HERE (2015), Rob Zombie’s LORDS OF SALEM (2012), and BEYOND THE GATES (2016). She recently filmed a role in the star-studded extravaganza DEATH HOUSE.