Read Award-Winning Graphic Short ‘Whisper in the Woods’ in Famous Monsters 290!

Two friends go drinking in the woods and accidentally hit a homeless man with a bottle. What could possibly go wrong?

This is the predicament given to the two main characters of WHISPER IN THE WOODS, the graphic short story that won Best Graphic Novel at Silver Scream Film & Comic Festival 2018! Writer and artist Denis St. John says, “I always like a good cryptid sighting no matter what they end up being (it’s always owls)… Shani and Dani behave a lot like I did with my best friends in high school.”

‘Whisper in the Woods’ is a whimsical tale of humor and horror, where you’re just as likely to get your eye poked out as find donuts in the woods.

It’s also been entirely re-drawn and lettered from the original short, meaning you won’t find the version in Famous Monsters anywhere else!

Teaser Art for Silver Scream Winners Revealed at Comic-Con!

San Diego Comic-Con, birthplace of countless pop culture announcements, gave the Famous Monsters panel audience their first glimpse at what the latest Silver Scream Graphic Novel winners have in store!

Among the titles announced for American Gothic Press were Silver Scream 2017 Graphic Novel Script winner BLACK SUNDAY, 2018 Graphic Novel Script winner HAG, and 2018 Graphic Novel winner WHISPER IN THE WOODS.

2017 winner BLACK SUNDAY suffered delays due to the Northern California wildfires of October 2017, but now with artist Polychrome at the helm, Matt Dreiling’s haunting story about a farming family during the Great Depression has come to stark life in black and white. HAG and WHISPER IN THE WOODS both made a splash with the judging panel this year, and WHISPER IN THE WOODS will debut in the Famous Monsters 2018 Annual as a 12-page short story before being completed as an original graphic novel in early 2019. Chad Stroup’s HAG found its artist in previous Silver Scream winner Jon Clark (THIN), making the horror scribe and artist a true double threat in every sense of the word!

Concept art for each of the aforementioned titles can be found below. Silver Scream was founded on the idea of accepting graphic novel submissions due to the increasingly direct link between existing IP and developed screenplays.

Script by Matt Dreiling
Art by Polychrome

Script and Art by Denis St. John

Script by Chad Stroup
Art by Jon Clark

Look for all three titles, along with AGP’s flagship series MONSTER WORLD and assassin mystery NICE, to debut in late 2018 or early 2019.

2016’s Best Sci-Fi Feature Winner HACKED Gets Wide DVD Release

In Silver Scream’s debut year of 2016, we awarded the visionary science fiction film CTRL ALT DELETE with the Best Sci-Fi Feature award — and now we are pleased to announce that the film is available for the general public to enjoy! Released March 6, 2018 as HACKED, the film is on VOD and/or DVD from every major retailer, including including iTunes, Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy.

“Obviously it has been quite a journey to get to this point, and I couldn’t be more grateful for how our reception at Silver Scream helped set us up for success,” says director James B. Cox.

Follow the links to purchase a copy of HACKED!

Best Buy:

Watch 2017’s Best Horror Short “Agatha” on CryptTV!

The tale of AGATHA has terrified its way into the Crypt as “The Top of the Stairs”.

The short film floored the Silver Scream judges in 2017 and is currently in the works for feature development.

“[Agatha] was produced, cast, and crewed by all local filmmakers in Wilmington, NC,” says director Timothy Vandenberg. “I am extremely proud and grateful for their work and dedication to the craft. The Agatha team was very honored to win best horror short and be a part of the festival.”

“The Top of the Stairs: Agatha” tells the brief but haunting story of an orphan who takes on a seemingly simple task for payment… only to discover why so few others are willing to do it.

Watch the film by following this link, or see it embedded below. Just don’t forget to turn off the lights and go full screen!

Silver Scream Fest 2017’S Best Sci-Fi Short Film “Breaker” Now on YouTube

After an extremely successful festival run during which it received over 50 accolades including Best Short Sci-Fi Film at Silver Scream, the surreal, neon-flavored short “Breaker” has been released to YouTube.

Its director and writer, Canadian native Phillipe McKie, has been participating in Silver Scream since its inception in 2016 when he flew all the way from Tokyo to support his post-apocalyptic short film “Shuen”.

“[Breaker] is an exploration of many profound subcultures found within [Tokyo] gathered through years of extensive research and integration,” he says. “To make the film, I collaborated with some of Tokyo’s most avant-garde fashion designers and an insane lineup of music producers, including SOPHIE, Forss, Phentix, WHIPPED CREAM, GRRL, Neraph, Cansino, and Klātu.”

McKie, who refers to “Breaker” as “cyberpunk”, explains that he is very influenced by science fiction hero and cyberpunk trailblazer William Gibson (NEUROMANCER). “I even named the fully functional robot-bartender in the film after him,” he says.

Does he plan on attending Silver Scream 2018? “I met so many interesting artists and filmmakers there who I’ve stayed in contact with and remained good friends with ever since! I wholeheartedly recommend everyone to experience the festival for themselves, and I can’t wait to attend again!”

McKie is currently working on his first full-length feature in Tokyo.

Watch the full short film “Breaker” below!


Watch SSF 2017 Winner TELEIOS on VOD as BEYOND THE TREK!

TELEIOS, the science fiction film that won the prestigious Forry Ackerman Imagi-Movie Award at Silver Scream 2017, is now available to watch on-demand under a brand new title: BEYOND THE TREK.

It seems distributor Screen Media agreed with us when we had our minds blown by this fantastic movie. Thanks to them, you can even pick up a copy of the film at Wal-mart!

Mature, effective, and startling, BEYOND THE TREK should appeal to anyone looking for an immersive and intelligent experience. Of the film, director Ian Truitner says, “Beyond the Trek reflects back to classic Sci-Fi in its aim to challenge how we see the world and ourselves. Shot on a limited budget, we couldn’t compete with the spectacle of special effects extravaganzas made by huge studios, so we had to make up for that by drawing audiences in with multidimensional characters and thought-provoking themes.

“Taking home the Forry Ackerman Image-Movie Award from the Silver Scream Festival, along with numerous other awards worldwide, is validation we succeeded in our goal. This award was truly the highlight of a long festival run that saw the film screen for Sci-Fi fans around the world.”

For more information on BEYOND THE TREK, visit the official site:

You can watch the trailer below.