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  • Admission to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • Silver Scream Fest Exclusive Commemorative T-shirt
  • Popcorn & Drink


  • Admission to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

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Silver Scream Film Fest 2017

In 1958, editor Forrest J Ackerman and publisher James Warren set out to make a single magazine, called Famous Monsters of Filmland, that would celebrate the classic films of Universal’s golden horror age. But the issue proved to be such a massive success that it went on to become one of the most popular and influential periodicals of all time. Peter Jackson, Guillermo del Toro, Steven Spielberg, Stephen King, Rick Baker, George Lucas, and many more have all spoken at length about the influence and inspiration the magazine brought to their creative development.
The magazine made a point to not just honor classic films and provide details on new and upcoming projects, it also contained tips and tricks for readers on how to create their own monster and Sci-Fi films. From filming secrets to basic makeup and blood effects, FM became a “how-to” for aspiring storytellers.
Before iconic editor Forrest J Ackerman passed away in 2008, he was very clear that as we continued with FM, it was our duty to find the new talent, the storytellers that would capture the imaginations of audiences for generations to come. And that is exactly what we intend to do with Silver Scream Fest.
For the very first time, Silver Scream Fest will be accepting graphic novel submissions as well as films and animation. The comic book and film industries have become increasingly intertwined of late, as much of what dominates the box office has been adapted from the paneled page. By opening the Festival up to comic book artists and writers, FM will be able to dip into a much broader creative pool.
The Fest will include screenings, awards, prizes, parties, and more!


Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine was established in 1958 as a way to celebrate genre films and unite fans around the world. The magazine has gone on to become one of the most influential entertainment magazines of all time, with a rich and storied history. And while many think of Famous Monsters as purely dedicated to classic monsters, Forry insisted that we “find the next generation of storytellers.” He referenced how he featured a then-unknown teenager named Rick Baker who made monster makeups in his parents’ house, and a young filmmaker named John Landis. Forry always had his eye towards the future.
Famous Monsters’ relationship with Santa Rosa Entertainment Group and the “Classic Underground Lost Treasures”, or CULT, at the Roxy Stadium 14 made for a natural partnership to expand into a festival. In honoring FM’s history of taking readers behind the movie magic and inspiring them to bring their own monsters to life, and SREG’s history of bringing new and exciting thrills to their communities, the two have joined forces to find the next great genre filmmakers and share their creations with the world!

2016 Silver Scream Film Fest Recap

2016 Silver Scream Film & Comic Festival Winners

Forry Ackerman Imagi-Movie Award
How To Be A Villain
Best Feature*
Faux Paws
Best Feature Horror
Best Feature Comedy
Faux Paws
Best Feature Sci-Fi
Ctrl Alt Delete
Best Director
Sharif Abdunnur and Krystle Houiess
Best Actor
Brian Wimer as Brian in Faux Paws
Best Short
How To Be A Villain
Best Animation

Best Short Horror
Room 731
Best Short Comedy
Worm Food.
Best Short Sci-Fi
Fly Spy
Best Short Fantasy
Best Director
Wesley Gunn-Yotlungerdal
Best Actor
Terence Harvey-How To Be A Villain
Best Kill Scene
Bar Talk
Most Cringe Worthy
Harmful Sensations
Best Practical SFX
Dating Material
Best Costuming

Best CGI
Fly Spy
Best Cinematography
Fly Spy
Best Creature
Time To Eat
Best Stand Out Moment
Room 731
Best Sound FX
Best Homage
Una Mujer Sin Precio
Best Musical
The Grindhouse Award
The Last Junkie On Earth
We Want More Award
As They Continue To Fall

Best Screenplay (Feature)
“Charlie on the MTA”
By Kieran Hair
Best Screenplay (Anthology)
“The Apocalypse Chronicles”
By Nathan Ludwig
Special Award for Comedy
“I’m a Zombie”
By Patrick Pindiur
Best Graphic Novel (Complete)
By Jon Clark
Best Graphic Novel (Script)
“Invisible Hands”
By Laszlo Tamasfi
Honorable Mentions
Somebody’s Darling
Bubba The Redneck Werewolf
The Stray
Einstein’s God Model
Home Sweet Home

Last Year’s Guests

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Robert Englund
John Landis